Adobe Camera Raw Training CD

  • In Essentials of Adobe Camera Raw acclaimed Hollywood photo illustrator Lee Varis shares tips and techniques from his 30 years of experience as a photographer. With these techniques, you'll get richer colors, striking details, and perfect human skin tones every time.

Photoshop CS2 Paths Training CD

  • Rawformat Announces: Phototshop CS2 Paths Training CD

    In Photoshop CS2 Path Essentials Chris McCormack explores the world of Paths and Vector shapes in CS2, exposing the many ways they can be used to make selections, create special effects and even scalable vector graphics. Utilizing one of the most important tools ever found in Photoshop, Chris combines the newest features in CS2 to show you how to take Paths to a whole new level.

Photoshop Training CDs and DVDs

  • Photoshop Path Essentials Training CD
    In Photoshop CS2 Path Essentials Chris McCormack explores the world of Paths and Vector shapes in CS2, exposing the many ways they can be used to make selections, create special effects and even scalable vector graphics. Utilizing one of the most important tools ever found in Photoshop, Chris combines the newest features in CS2 to show you how to take Paths to a whole new level. More info here.
  • Photoshop Masters on DVD
    Three of the world's top Photoshop users and authors share their mastery of Photoshop and show how to retouch, edit, and maximize Photoshop.
  • Photoshop Elements training on DVD
    On the "Making Your Photos Look Great with Photoshop Elements" DVD, two top Photoshop gurus show the best techniques for refining, retouching, and printing digital camera photos and scanned images. Tap into the power of Photoshop Elements and learn how to make your pictures perfect.


  • OpenRaw Discussion Group
    OpenRaw is a coordination list for photographers with the goal to motivate camera makers to open up their proprietary RAW formats for 3rd party programmers.

Join the Petition!

  • Make Your Voice Be Heard
    The camera companies need to know that photographers care about standards and want camera manufacturers to adopt DNG as a standard format.

    Click HERE to join the petition.

Books by Katrin Eismann

  • Photoshop Masking & Compositing

    Photoshop Masking & Compositing features in-depth tutorials on how to skillfully combine images to create fine-art images, contemporary illustrations, and insightful editorial content. Guru Katrin Eismann shows expert strategies and techniques to create accurate masks that maintain the finest detail in hair, translucency, and even smoke.


  • Photoshop News
    A great resource. Contains the latest info and techniques for passionate Photoshop users. Lots of Raw and DNG related info.

PhotoKit Sharpener

  • A great sharpening solution for Photoshop users
    Other products may provide useful sharpening tools, but only PhotoKit SHARPENER provides a complete "Sharpening Workflow". From capture to output, PhotoKit SHARPENER intelligently produces the optimum sharpness on any image, from any source, reproduced on any output device. But PhotoKit SHARPENER also provides the creative controls to address the requirements of individual images and the individual tastes of users.

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What is the latest research going on?
At present the latest [URL=]nutrition[/URL] research that is going on is to how to reduce the use of [URL=]nutrition[/URL] antibiotics by using them judicially so that the microbes might not fall to the prey of resistance and then be of no use to us.


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TOKYO -- Toyota plans to sell 10.4 million vehicles globally in 2009, it said today, a sales target that would put the Japanese automaker ahead of a record set by world leader General Motors 30 years ago.

Analysts say Toyota Motor Corp. is likely on track to beat General Motors Corp. as the world's biggest automaker in global vehicle sales and production this year -- a title Detroit-based GM has held for 76 years.

Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe gave the ambitious sales plan in an outline of the company's growth strategy, which includes working on product quality and introducing technological innovations such as luxury Lexus hybrids. The company plans to boost sales not only in North America and Europe, but also in emerging markets such as Brazil, India, China and Russia. Sales in Japan, though, were expected to stay relatively flat.

"We will win in every opportunity, reduce risks, and even turn risks into opportunities," he said at a Tokyo hotel.

Koji Endo, an auto analyst with Credit Suisse in Japan, said the 10.4 million vehicles target was likely a cautious underestimate. Toyota exuded confidence that its robust momentum for growth isn't about to dwindle, he said, with model development and more new car marketing planned for key regions.

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