rawformat announces: PS Masters DVD

  • From the same people who bring you rawformat.com, this DVD shows how master photographers take full advantage of Photoshop CS. Lots of Camera Raw tips and techniques are included.

Photoshop Training CDs and DVDs

  • Photoshop Path Essentials Training CD
    In Photoshop CS2 Path Essentials Chris McCormack explores the world of Paths and Vector shapes in CS2, exposing the many ways they can be used to make selections, create special effects and even scalable vector graphics. Utilizing one of the most important tools ever found in Photoshop, Chris combines the newest features in CS2 to show you how to take Paths to a whole new level. More info here.
  • Photoshop Masters on DVD
    Three of the world's top Photoshop users and authors share their mastery of Photoshop and show how to retouch, edit, and maximize Photoshop.
  • Photoshop Elements training on DVD
    On the "Making Your Photos Look Great with Photoshop Elements" DVD, two top Photoshop gurus show the best techniques for refining, retouching, and printing digital camera photos and scanned images. Tap into the power of Photoshop Elements and learn how to make your pictures perfect.

Pixelupdate Favorites

  • Take Control of Your iLife
    The Macintosh iLife '04 is the latest edition of the top-selling book on iLife. It's a beautiful, full-color book and a companion DVD-Video disc containing two hours of tutorials, tips, and techniques for iTunes, iPod, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, and GarageBand.

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Pierre Courtejoie

Chad, you may want to point out that for a vast majority of users, CS2 is faster than CS!

ciril kochik

Performance is horrible. I have Nvidia GeForce 256 MB Overclocked - which performs outstanding for most Windows based high-end software such as Maya, 3DS MAX 7, Lightwave, Photoshop CS, After Effects, Digital Fusion etc.

Photoshop CS2 - has many issues, and have to say I'm still using CS1 - so I don't have to waste time for waiting (even changing tools will hold my system for 1-2 seconds). And most very basic functions work horirble. Should I change my video card ?! I spend $499 in 2004.

Ciril K.


Performance was the most disappointing thing in the upgrade. CS "flew" on my machine, and CS2 is like a dinasaur stuck in a tar pit. Oddly, the problem (for me) seems to center-around disk-based stuff, as opposed to display. I have, for example, a 40MB PSD that can open in a heartbeat once, and other times, take close to a minute!!?? I'm usually fairly good at spotting a pattern, but there's no rhyme or reason that I've been able to pinpoint. It's so bad at times that I may have to go back to CS until they work the kinks out.


I'm uninstalling CS2! I can't believe I'm saying that, having never felt the NEED to return to a previous edition. Performance on CS2 is terrible. Graphics card may be the issue as I only have 128MB of RAM on the card, but why punish me for that. The age old adage of "if it aint broke, don't fix it" applies here.

ciril kochik

Hi back again,

I believe ADOBE itself, wants clearly to pull-back "graphic & advertising non-workstation" desks away.
So that way, they can be sure - only legitimate copanies are buying CS2 Suite etc.
However, don't worry - CS1 with lots of plug-ins has lots of power as well.
CS2 features such as: Editing HDR etc. - are you really going to need that ?! If you don't work with 3D - don't worry about it.


Jeff T

Well CS2 is just not right, again I agree with the other person, it is disk based as during the slow downs that I get, my harddrive is working like crazy.
Running a dual amd 2.2ghz machine with 1GB of ram. Using an older ATI 9500Pro graphics card which should be plenty of power for that program. Yes I do edit HDR's and would prefer the ability to use CS2. I do notice that after I wait a while like 10 minutes or so seems like CS2 will stay running fast? Just seems like it is loading something massive on the get go?

Bonz Xylophone

Adobe has turned their graphics design software into bloatware. I'm trying to make a SIMPLE floor layout illustration in Illustrator CS2 and I'm getting redraw issues while scrolling (therefore I have no idea how long I want to drag a line for b/c there is no background reference). All the tools take about a second or two to load.

In a regular workflow I'm constantly switching tools with keyboard shortcuts. Switching tools in CS2 shouldn't be slower than picking up a pencil.

I'm really disappointed with adobe. They're thinking that they'll just keep on spitting out inefficient code just becuase new dual core centrino's are out and can take it. But why be inefficient?

I really think adobe needs to learn some lessons from Ableton, the developers of 'Live'. To me it kills any other music BLOATWARE application because of it's simplicity and speed.

Adobe, you need to let us focus on the work and not drag us around with your lame ass slow interfaces. I'm selling my copy of CS2 on ebay by the end of the week and reverting back to CS1 which runs quite a bit smoother.

My notebook is a 1.5ghz centrino equiv to like an Athlon 64 3000+. I don't need another upgrade you morons, I need streamlined software. What a waste of money.


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