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Hello Olav Kvern,
I've heard you are the scripting guru of InDesign.
Maybe you can help me out.
I'm looking for a way to show the page item associated to a selected xml element. I can't find anything in the AppleScript InDesign Guide. Even after finding the xml element it's not possible to use a whose clause to find the associated xml element. Can you put me on the way?
I'm also trying to import an xml file into an existing structure, but the only thing I get is that the xml element is added to the document. Even setting the xml preferences does not help. Can you please provide some working examples?



Any scripts for renaming multiple style sheets? Let's say to replace the prefix "L1_" in each style sheet with "L2_".

Is it possible?

Robin P Kurian

Dear All,
Can we duplicate all the contents (text frames, graphics, rectangles etc..) in a document with their all properties into another document through java/vb scripts.
Please help me!!

Thanks & Regards,
Robin P Kurian

Adam Nuccio

Hello Olav Kvern,

I tried your Rename/Relink Script and it work great. I would like to pay you to add some functionallity to the script.

I use "Link Renamer" Quark XT from Badiaxt.com to batch rename file for book titles created in Quark. I have been looking for something like this for Indesign.
The "Link Renamer" names each link according to the page it was found on + a custome prefix or sufix. example: bear.tif on page 5 is automatically renamed 005a_Book Title_bear.tif

If you are interested please contact me.

home- anuccio@charter.net 760-524-7411
work- adam.nuccio@disney.com 818-569-3206


Hello. Im looking for a script that would be similar to this. We are moving the folder that contains all of our inDesign files and need to change the paths of all the reference files. Any ideas of how to do this?

I basically need a script that can loop thru any number of files and change the paths of the files linked in that file.

Thanks for your help..

Amit Verma

Hi All,

See the online version of Indesign Scripting Reference at http://www.indesignscriptingreference.com

Brian Welsh

I have a daily directory of files that I would like to perform an insert text string operation on. I would like to find the first instance within the text file of REF: and insert 10 blank spaces before the next “*” in the file and then move to the next file until all files within the directory are finished.

Do you happen to know what code I can use for this?


i tried this, and it didn't work. not sure what i did wrong...


Hello Olav Kvern,
is there any functionallity added to the script like it is found in the LinkRenamer for Quark? See cooment from Mr. Nuccio.
Thanks for your answer.


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Marc O.

After completing a magazine redesign, we wanted to remove the word "redesign" from the style sheets. To do this:

1. Export the InDesign document as an InDesign Interchange (.inx) file.
2. Open the .inx file (which is just a bunch of XML code) in a text editor.
3. Search for "redesign" and replace with nothing. Save file.
4. Open the modified .inx file in InDesign and save as an .indd file.

Marc O.

One additional note: this technique works best with a blank InDesign file. Otherwise, in the example above, the word "redesign" would be removed from any text in the document.

You could probably use a more sophisticated search technique to get around the problem, but that wasn't necessary in our case.

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