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At Avondale Media, we believe that DVD technology's advantages—random access, interactivity, Web links, and great audio and video quality—are ideally suited to training and instructional applications.

That's why we deliver our training courses exclusively in the DVD format. View them on your TV set or on your DVD-equipped personal computer. Sit back and watch, or use your remote control to start, stop, and review. Learn about your favorite programs from the world's best teachers, artists, and designers. We're bringing the experts to you.

Who We Are

Steve Broback
Steve cofounded Thunder Lizard Productions, (a technology event production company) in 1991, which became a subsidiary of Fawcette Technical Publications in 2000. He produced the first conferences dedicated to the software applications Photoshop, Illust rator, and Dreamweaver. He also produced TLP's Web Design World, and Macromedia Web World whose attendees number in the thousands. Prior to his work with Avondale and Thunder Lizard, he taught Windows and Macintosh applications classes at the University of Washington, and is featured in over 40 instructional video titles.

Jim Heid
A 20-year veteran of the personal computer world, Jim Heid is well-known writer and teacher who specializes in digital media technologies. He has been a Contributing Editor of Macworld magazine since 1984, and writes the weekly, nationally syndicated "Mac Focus" column for the Los Angeles Times. He has also written for PC World, Internet World, and Newsweek magazines. In his role as Conference Chair for Thunder Lizard Productions, Jim has supervised the editorial content of over twelve major conferences, including Web Design World, Web Builder, and Macromedia Web World. As Editorial Director of Avondale Media, he combines his editorial and digital-media expertise to help plan and produce DVD courses and work with instructors.

Toby Malina
Toby has spent the past twelve years working as a technical consultant in the computer field. In 1995, she joined Thunder Lizard Productions, a Seattle-based conference production company, as Technical/Editorial Director. The principal of MacDaddy Consulting, Toby is currently working with a number of companies as, among other things, technical director, producer, and editor. In addition to her continuing relationship with Thunder Lizard, she works as senior field technician for One World Journeys, creators of online wilderness expeditions and outdoor adventures dedicated to environmental awareness and education. In addition, she is coauthor of the 3-volume Web Site Graphics series and works as a technical/copy editor for many publishers including Peachpit Press, IDG Books, and Que Publishing.